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32 Best short quotes sad

The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why.

Here is a list of 32 Best short quotes sad.

I guess our story ends here.

We’re all trying to forget someone.

She healed her own brokenness.

My heart is so tired.

I’m slowly giving up.

Never apologize for feeling.

Even strong hearts break.

I’m nothing, I was always nothing.

Finally everyone left one by one.

I was prepared but it still hurt.

One day can change everything.

They think they know us.

Stop expecting.

Turn the page.

Go wild,for a while.

Healing takes time.

It hurts because it matters.

Not everyone who is smiling is always happy.

Too sad to cry so she smiled.

I’m not okay but it’s okay.

Forever until the end.

I’m not okay but I smile anyways.

This sadness is unbearable.

I don’t hate you.just lost respect for you.

In your hesitation I found my answer.

I don’t know what i feel anymore.

Silent tears hold the loudest pain.

I am good at goodbyes.

you made me hate myself alot.

Sad birds still sing.

So many feelings go unsaid.

Be silent like deep water.

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