acne scars remedies

Best Acne scars remedies

Acne scars do not have to be permanent,as some easy home remedies can help get rid of them.

Here’s a list of best of Natural Acne scars remedies.

Neem leaves:

Neem leaves offers diverse benefits for your skin such as fighting acne,healing scars,controlling sebum production,and exfoliating your skin.

Coconut Oil:

coconut oil loaded with fatty acids like lauric acid,coconut oil can fight acne causing bacteria.


lemon is well known as natural bleach which not only reduces pigmentation but also retains back skin’s elasticity.


Honey has antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties which help fight free radicals and lighten skin pigmentation.

Essential oils:

There are heaps of essential oils to provide essential nutrients into your skin and to alleviate skin problems such as acne scars.


Cinnamon plays an ideal role to prevent acne,acne scars and wrinkles.


Use a mixture of sandalwood paste in can prevent from acne scars.


Water is the best remedy for all problems.drink plenty of water it will help to reduce acne scars.

Olive oil:

olive oil is the best acne scars remedy.


Apply ice on will used to help reduce scars.

Lime juice:

Apply fresh lime juice.lemon is used to reduces pigmentation.


Turmeric contains antioxidant and antiinflammatory components. These characteristics may provide glow abd luster to the skin.


cucumber juice is an ideal skin toner.


Apply egg whites on scars it will help to reduce scars.


Rub tomato slices on scars.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar which is used to reduce acne scars.

Use light and oil free make up and creams.


Lavender oil,rosehip seed oil,fenugreek can reduces scars.


  • Use Alovera leaf for acne scars on oily skin.
  • Use Alovera juice face pack.
  • Use Alovera and vitamin E oil.
  • You can also use Alovera with lemon.
  • Drink Alovera juice.
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